Brazil Art of Melody Winnig

"From the depths of the dark solar heart of the southern hemisphere, from inside a mix of races that constitutes neither a degradation nor a genetic utopia, ... from the island of Brazil ever floating barely suspended above the real ground of America, come these words....serving to bear witness and to ask why certain relationships exist between different groups, individuals, artistic forms, commercial transactions, and political forces." By Caetano Veloso, Brazilian musician, from Tropical Truth - a Story of Music & Revolution in Brazil

Bahia images created from photos by Jeannie Parkus
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Woman in Pink, Favela Rocinha, Rio The Dancers, Feria Sao Cristovao, Rio Little Girl Dancer, Cachoeira, Bahia Woman in Bathing Suit, Rio Pink Scarf Girl, Cachoeira, Bahia Woman with Drink, Feria Sao Cristovao, Rio Teen Dancers, Cachoeira, Bahia Girl in Stairwell, Favela Rocinha, Rio Yellow Dress, Favela Rocinha, Rio Blond & Pink, Favela Rocinha, Rio 2 Men, Feria Sao Cristovao, Rio Street, Salvador, Bahia Young Girls,  Cachoeira, Bahia Youth in Favela Rocinha, Rio VW Beetle, Favela Rocinha, Rio Mom & Girl, Favela Rocinha, Rio Coca Cola in Bahia

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