Central Asia and The Middle East
Art of Melody Winnig

"He who rides the sea of the Nile must have sails woven of patience."
William Golding

"Force is always beside the point when subtlety will serve."
Darius I, King of Ancient Persia (558-486 BC)

Afghanistan images created from photos by James Steinman. Iran images created from photos by Mansur Johnson. Turkey images created from photos by George MacDonald.

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Nubian, Luxor, Upper Egypt Man + Camel, Egypt Carpets, Cairo, Egypt Bazaar, Cairo, Egypt 3 Boys, Upper Egypt Along the Nile, Egypt Boy + Donkey, Egypt Fellahin along the Nile, Egypt The Animal Bazaar, Cairo, Egypt Youths, Jordan Youths with Flag, Jordan Veiled Woman, Kabul, Afghanistan Soldier Boy, Afghanistan Kabul Hills, Afghanistan Inside the Mosque, Turkey Mansur in Mashad, Iran Mevlana's Mausoleum Konya, Turkey Vakil Mosque, Shiraz, Iran Lone Woman, Persepolis, Iran Nomads on the Road to Shiraz, Iran Persepolis Ruins, Iran Turquoise Domes, Turkey Green Spire, Cappadocia, Turkey Bright Sky, Turkey Street + Mosque, Turkey Gold Mountains, Cappadocia,Turkey RedDomes, Turkey Man Donkey Cart, Turkey Hut, Cappadocia, Turkey Rockhouse, Cappadocia Turkey

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