War Flowers, War Paint
Art of Melody Winnig

"Between the 8th century, when it was constructed, and the 13th, when it was destroyed, Baghdad was the wealthiest, most learned and most opulent, city in Islam. Baghdad in the 10th century had a million inhabitants. In Europe at the time, where most people lived in huts, there was nothing to compare with it. Baghdad had 100 bookstores. And the grandest library assembled since the sack of Alexandria's." Paul Richard, Washington Post

When we began bombing Iraq, I couldn't paint in my usual way. Instead, I bought armfuls of roses. Each day I scanned them on top of newspaper headlines of the war. After printing out the images, I painted on them with water colors. War Flowers, War Paint. I also shredded my daily journal writings, smeared them with finger paints and re-assembled the fragments. Fragments of suffering and compassion in a time of war. Melody

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War Flower Headlines Baghdad Invasion Troops Batter Baghdad Baghdad Warpainting War Paint, Bombing Baghdad Baghdad War Flower War Paint, Basra War Paint, Mosul War Paint, Iraqi Targets War Writing1 War Writing 2 War Writing3 War Writing 4 War Writing5 War Writing 6

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